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30 Port Audio Playback Board
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Audio Decode playboard with 2*10 W, 10 channel trigger, 10 Port Audio Playback Board

Industry control, Quickly trigger, Stable interference

*. Power system high voltage area, military control, regional security police warning voice prompts.
*. The production plant, the construction work zone safety voice prompts.
*. Access the offices, business offices, waiting (car) building, shuttle guests;
*. The square, supermarket, commercial outlets product advertising.
*. Science museums, galleries or automatic guided tour to explain;
*. Banks, ATM ATM fraud prevention, anti-theft rob voice prompts;
*. Public places, hospitals, voice prompts to guide people with disabilities;
*. Voice prompts security and defense industries.
*. Security Products / Security alarm;
*. Body sensors toys;
*. The body induction lamp 
*. Industrial automation and control;
*. Smart home / Intelligent home system;
*. Medical devices with human voice prompt;
*. Entertainment;
*. Intelligent Transportation equipment;
*. Communication equipment;
*. Industrial control areas;

*. Play MP3 format audio files and Stereo audio output.
*. Use SD card as storage from 32MB to 1GB 
*. Update MP3 files to SD card directly and easily. 
*. DAC 24bit/s stereo,196 KHz audio decoder. 
*. Powerful Anti-jamming with stable performance.
*. Play 10 different audio message files (mp3 format) by corresponding connected buttons/ switches.


Technical Parameter:

*. Operating voltage: AC8 ~ 18V,or DC8~18V
*. Rated output: 10W × 2 (RL = 8Ω d = 1%)
*. Frequency response: 20 ~ 20 KHz
*. Voltage noise: ≤ 50MV
*. S/N(signal to noise ratio): ≥ 86db
*. Plate Size: 150 × 80mm

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